Saida fotka


Flamenco and oriental dance

Conferences, exposés, festivals, galas, promotions, official openings and corporate events

Oriental dance fascinates people all over the world. Performed by a true artist it has the power to hypnotize its audience and remain a wonderful memory. It possesses the power of an opulent exotic perfume whose aroma contains the essence and spirit of the orient.

Flamenco on the other hand is all about pure and raw energy expressed through movement and music. This stirring and passionate rhythm is meant to hit its audience straight to the heart.


Saida is well-known for her spirited performances in Poland, Europe and America. The artist continues to amaze audiences with her flawless technique, elegance and endless energy, maintaining an ever present air of mystery. Her performance is guaranteed to be an unforgettable and refined attraction for any guest.


Her experience of performing in a wide variety of settings: large and official galas, corporate venues as well as informal gatherings; mean Saida is confident before any audience. Thanks to her innate ability to adapt her choreography, tone and tempo to any situation, her performances have always an immediate connection with the audience.


Saida uses a large variety of accessories, costumes and dance techniques to create a truly magical and unforgettable spectacle. Some of her most unusual performances include: sword dancing, golden wings and candle holders.

Collaboration with Saida is on an individual basis. Each performance is tailored towards the particular event making the show a truly unique experience. The organizer is obliged to guarantee: a private closet where the artist may prepare for her performance, refreshments, personal safety during the show, a suitable dancing platform and adequate music equipment.

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