The best teacher must not only be a talented dancer, but also possess the ability to convey knowledge and skills that awaken the abilities of their students

Flamenco and belly dancing are both extremely energetic and spectacular forms of art. They provide a way to:

- liberate ones inner self,
- relax to the very core,
- shape your figure and posture,
- explore your femininity and inner woman
- release your inner energy and help inspire your life.

Best of all they can be done as an individual activity and do not require a dancing partner.

Learn under the guidance of an internationally acclaimed instructor, who will not only help you master the technical elements in a safe way but also explain the true meaning behind every movement. Thanks to her thorough teaching, you will be able to see the effects of your work after a few classes, and learn with pleasure the more challenging parts of belly dance.
Saida teaches all levels of students, from beginners to advance and professionals throughout the world. She has been named 'Best Instructor' for the past three years running at the PROGRESSteron Festival in Poland.

Regular Classes

You are warmly invited to my regular belly dance and flamenco classes in Bielsko-Biala.


17.30-18.30 - gr. pocz─ůtkuj─ůca
18.30-19.30 - poziom wy┼╝szy
Miejsce: "Sport-Widok"
Bielsko-Biała, ul. Widok 12

Oriental dancing

18.30-19.30 - gr. pocz─ůtkuj─ůca
19.30-20.30 - poziom wy┼╝szy
Miejsce: Sala Bankietowa "Nad Wag─ů"
Bielsko - Biała, ul. Rynek 4

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