Saida fotka


"Belly dancing gives me true happiness and helps me to achieve an inner harmony and sense of fulfillment. In my performances and workshops I try to convey the beauty that flows from each movement, as well as stir the imagination and inner passions of the audience."

After all Saida means joy...

Saida is the foremost professional oriental dance instructor in her native Poland. She is not only a dancer and instructor but also a choreographer and judge on many international panels. Her extraordinary talent and intense work have propelled her into many international festivals and stages including Hanover, Toronto, Oslo, Frankfurt, Berlin and London.

She is also a Flamenco dancer, trained by the famous flamenco school ‘Amor se dios’ in Madrid under celebrated dancers such as: Maite Saez, Merche Esmeralda, Paco Romero and Belen Maya.
‘International oriental festivals are a wonderful opportunity to meet the stars and teachers from al ssan Khail, Randa Kamel and my first teacher Nazir Merzo, are artists to whom I remain l over the world’. Momo Kadous, Beata and Horation Cifuentas, Dr Mo Geddawi , Prof. Ha eternally grateful for bestowing in me their love of belly dance. These great artists continue to inspire me and honor me with their friendship’.

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